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Highly qualified and professional staff. Mario and the team at Pete’s are able to identify issues with our Mercedes Sprinters and execute the work in a timely manner. We’re happy they were referred to us and we’ll be calling them for repair work in the future.


Friendly and efficient service. They explain the problem and remedy and then show you what they've done when you pick up the car. I feel my car is in good hands at Pete's.


I give Pete's Mercedes Benz a five star rating.


Great service and professional work 👍👍👍👍👍


I am always very satisfied with the service results that I receive At Pete’s. The service manager Mario keeps me apprised of the progress of my service and I find the charges to be reasonable all things considered.


Thoroughly dependable.




The worst! They charged me 150.00 just to tell me there was something wrong with my EGR (which I had already told them because a computer diagnostic had already been done that said that). They had my car overnight so they could have it fixed by afternoon the next day. They allegedly ordered a bad part and had to order a new part so they kept my car another 24 hours. (My job requires a car for work.) They charged me the 150.00 plus over another 600.00 for the parts and labor. I got a "50.00" coupon which added up to very little after the high-priced diagnostic. And guess what?! A day later the check engine light came on again. The only repair required the whole time was a NEW GAS CAP. Funny, that was not caught by the expensive diagnostic. They over promised, overcharged and then under delivered in a huge way. Stay away from this clip joint!

Sarah, often as in your case, there may have been more than one issue with your car. Especially when something like a check engine light is left unattended for some time. We are in the habit of recommending what we know for sure, rather than everything it might be. I'm sorry you were unhappy with the service, but we do give our best each and every time. I wish you would have come back to us to make it right.

- Pete's, Inc.

It was a pleasure to have my car serviced here. Greg is a delight.


Mario is excellent

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