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Why Do My Brakes Feel Spongy?

Have you ever reached for the brake pedal just for it to feel soft or spongy? When you catch signs of a soft brake pedal, you should never leave the issue ignored. Most of the time, your brakes are spongy because of air being trapped in the brake lines.

What Does Air in the Brake Line Mean?

Some cars, SUVs, or trucks have a hydraulic braking system. This system is air-tight and relies on brake fluid to do most of the heavy lifting. When you engage your brakes, the pressure of the fluid is moved to have your calipers clamp your brakes and stop your wheels. The fluid itself flows through the brake lines.


So how does air come into play? Driving on worn brake pads, running low on brake fluid, and overheating your brakes can lead to trapped air in your brake lines. When this happens, you may notice some red flags:

  • Soft or spongy brake pedal
  • Brake pedal goes to the floor
  • Longer stopping distance or weak stopping power

If you notice any of the signs above in your vehicle, please bring your car to the brake experts at Pete’s Inc. Driving with spongy brakes can put you and others’ safety at risk. At our auto repair shop, we have all the right tools, equipment, and accurate parts to identify your brake problem and get you the necessary repairs.


If you need assistance with bleeding your brakes, or removing air from your braking system, please call or visit our San Francisco auto repair shop today.

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