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What Causes Brake Rotors to Warp?

If it has anything to do with your brakes, it's important. When the brake pad is pressed down, your brake rotors operate by spinning and slowing down the wheels. The friction from this process produces heat that the brake rotors experience every time you press the brake pedal.

Over time, the surface of the brake rotors becomes uneven due to the massive amount of heat experienced each day. This uneven wear and tear are what is referred to as warping. When your brake rotors start to warp, your brakes will become less effective and give an inconsistent grip when used.

What Causes the Brake Rotors to Warp Unevenly?

  • Extreme heat- Although extremely rare, brake rotors can get so hot that they are permanently warped. In some cases, the brake rotors can even get worn down by the brake pads due to the brittle form the brake rotor assumes when at high temperatures.
  • Glazed coating- In some situations, the heat generated from the friction causes some materials to break free and form a layer over the rotors. This material usually forms a mirror-like substance that reduces the slowing ability of your brakes.

Signs that I Have Warped Brake Rotors.

  • You may notice the following if your car has warped brake rotors
  • Excessive squeaking when braking
  • The smell of burning rubber when braking or driving
  • Jittery braking
  • Vehicle vibrations when the car is coming to a stop

How Can I Prevent Brake Rotors from Warping?

The best way to preserve the braking rotors and other braking components is to become aware of your braking habits. Brakes should be used in moderation. Constantly pressing the brakes and holding them down for prolonged periods is a brake system misuse and will lead to premature warping. It is also advisable to stop driving at top speeds, especially if sharing the road with other drivers. Stick to the designated speed limit whenever possible. Drivers can also try and choose smooth roads to drive on.

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