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What Are the Benefits of Checking Your Tire Pressure

Keeping the correct tire pressure is among other key considerations for safe driving. Tire pressure is measured in pounds per square inch, and you can find the manufacturer-recommended pressure level on a sticker inside the driver's door or the owner's manual, depending on the vehicle brand. You may be wondering how certain you'll be sure the pressure of your tires is okay. It's simple! Use a tire pressure gauge at an auto parts store or your car's service station. Continue reading to learn how to check tire pressure and its importance.

How You Should Assess Tire Pressure

Auto care experts recommend checking pressure when the tires are cold, probably first thing in the morning or when your car is in park mode for at least three hours. It's because friction while driving makes the tires heat up, affecting the pressure inside them. You can check tire pressure when you top up gas or at least once a week.

Follow these 4 steps to check tires:

  1. Locate the tire valve stem and remove the cap.
  2. Attach the pressure gauge to the open valve stem properly (you shouldn't hear air escaping from the tire)
  3. The gauge indicates the pressure reading on its screen. Ensure you check if it matches what's recommended for your car.
  4. If under-inflated, use the air compressor to add more air to your tires until it matches your vehicle's pound per square inch(PSI).

Benefits of Checking Your Tire Pressure


Low tire pressure means most of the tires' surface area touches the ground, escalating the friction between the road and the tires. Rapid friction leads to more wear and tear and heat, increasing chances of tread separation, blowouts, or serious road accidents.


Too much tire pressure minimizes the cushioning capacity of tires. Low or no cushioning reduces the contact of tires with the road and penetrations. Also, it causes the vehicle handling behavioral patterns to shift, making you struggle to balance your car, especially when accelerating.

Gas Efficiency

Did you know incorrect tire pressure can send you to the gas station more regularly than normal? Simply keep the tire pressure at recommended levels to boost your gas mileage by up to 3 percent.

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