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The Ideal Schedule for Car Maintenance For Infrequent Drivers


You will probably need to change your automobile maintenance plan to reflect your light driving habits if you reside in a city or simply don't use your car very often. When should you change your car's air filters, rotate your tires, and change the oil? When should you conduct basic maintenance on your vehicle? Is it more or less frequently than what the owner's handbook suggests for mileage intervals?

The second-largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime is an automobile. Frequent maintenance is necessary for properly maintaining your car, including:

  • Regular tire rotations
  • Oil changes
  • Air filter replacements

Measurement Of Use Seriousness

Follow the "severe usage" car maintenance plan in your owner's manual, which calls for more regular service, if you don't drive your car often or just use it for short excursions. Severe journeys are those that are brief and stop-and-go so the engine doesn't have time to warm up properly.

A Good Oiling Ends Well

If your severe-use plan calls for an oil change every 3,500 miles or six months, you should undertake regular maintenance at the earlier of the two intervals. It is advisable that you should replace your oil at least twice a year. Oil changes are typically made because oil additives wear out rather than the oil itself.

Spin For It

Driving your car is the finest thing you can do for it. To avoid any specific maintenance or startup procedures, once every two to four weeks should be sufficient. To ensure the engine and exhaust system are completely warmed up and ready to prevent any moisture condensation issues.

Pack Her Up

This will aid in preventing condensation from the air in the tank's empty space from contaminating the fuel in the tank. If you're a driver who doesn't get behind the wheel often, bear these suggestions in mind but maintaining its condition requires keeping its fluids topped off and clean.


A good service will do your car no harm but before that you should ensure that your car is in regular use. If you need car maintenance performed, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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