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5 Signs of a Dying Car Battery

A car battery provides your vehicle with an electrical current. The battery serves many functions, but primarily powers the starter and ignites the engine. It is paramount to keep an eye out for symptoms of a weakening battery. The following are five signs of a dying car battery:

Engine Starts Slowly

The first sign of a deteriorating battery is that the engine starts slowly. The less power the battery has, the slower the engine starts.
Therefore, you should pay attention to how long it takes the car to start after turning on the ignition. Get the battery checked as soon as you notice any lags.

The Engine Will Not Start

Worse still, your engine may not start at all. If your car refuses to start after you turn on the ignition, it means your battery is dead. You will typically hear a clicking sound or a long crank in such a case.
If the engine starts eventually, the issue is due to a damaged starter.

Heavily Coated or Corroded Battery.

If the engine takes a while to start after turning on the ignition, you should check the battery. If you see blue corrosion or a transparent film on the battery, it signifies leaking battery fluid or acidic fumes. Both reduce the engine's efficiency and voltage.

Dim Headlights

The battery powers your car's electrical components. A weak battery means they do not get enough power. Therefore, if your headlights are dim, your battery is dying.


A fading battery causes sparks that can lead to fuel buildup in the engine's cylinders. When the fuel ignites, there is a forceful reaction causing the engine to backfire. Engine backfires could be caused by other issues too, so get an accurate diagnosis.

The five signs above should apprise you of a dying battery. For car battery replacement, we bring your vehicle to Pete's Inc. 


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