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5 Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Is Stiff

Drivers rely on their steering wheels every day to navigate their vehicles smoothly and safely. So, if your steering wheel feels stiff or challenging to turn all of a sudden, it can be a cause for concern. A stiff steering wheel can make it hard to control your vehicle, especially when making turns. To avoid putting yourself and your loved ones in a dangerous situation, please bring this to a professional mechanic's attention.

There are several reasons why your steering wheel may feel rigid. Here are some of the most prevalent explanations:

  • Low power steering fluid - Power steering fluid is essential for ensuring smooth and effortless steering. If your power steering fluid levels are low, it can cause your steering wheel to feel stiff. Check your power steering fluid levels regularly and top up as needed.
  • Damaged power steering pump - The power steering pump is accountable for pumping power steering fluid through the steering system. If the pump is damaged, it may not be able to provide enough fluid pressure to assist you in navigating your vehicle. A damaged power steering pump may need to be replaced to restore your steering to its normal function.
  • Faulty steering rack - The steering rack is an essential component of your steering system that connects your steering wheel to your tires. A defective steering rack can cause your steering wheel to feel stiff, as it can prevent the wheels from turning correctly. If you suspect that your steering rack is faulty, it's essential to have it checked by a professional auto mechanic.
  • Worn-out ball joints - Ball joints are essential components of your steering system that allow your wheels to move up and down while steering. If your ball joints are worn out or damaged, they can cause your steering wheel to feel stiff or even vibrate while turning. 
  • Misaligned wheels - Misaligned wheels can cause your steering to feel stiff, especially when making turns. When your wheels are not aligned correctly, it can put extra pressure on your steering system, causing it to work harder than necessary. 

Various factors can cause a stiff steering wheel, and it's essential to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Regular maintenance and inspections of your automobile can help prevent these issues from occurring in the first place

If you're experiencing a stiff steering wheel, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to Pete's, Inc for a thorough check-up and professional steering repairs.

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