• Signs of a Clogged Air Pipe in Your MINI

    Monday 04 February 2019

    The car brand MINI is an internationally known brand that provides a cute, British charm unmatched by in other vehicles. Their small bodies, the classic stripes, and their rally history make them the ideal multipurpose car, as well as delightful throwback to earlier times, and a cheerful reminisce of living in the English countryside. Despite this, they still face the problems that other cars do, including a misfiring air filtration system or a... read more

  • Reasons for Sounds from the Suspension of Your Car

    Tuesday 08 January 2019

    Car suspensions have become an incredibly complex, yet crucial, part of the modern car. They exist mostly to create a more comfortable ride for the passengers in the car, by limiting the amount of bouncing around that the car does, and by creating a smoother, more stable ride. Older cars would bounce around the road intensely, but in modern cars, you can easily put an open mug of coffee in the cupholder and still have it all in there when you arrive at your destination. What is the suspension o... read more

  • Main Reasons for Engine Oil Leaks in BMW

    Friday 21 December 2018

    Main Reasons for Engine Oil Leaks in BMW If you drive a BMW, then chances are you’re aware of how privileged and fortunate you are to enjoy such a fantastically designed machine. However, the reality is, even the most well-designed machines run into problems occasionally. It’s unusual that BMWs encounter performance issues, but on the occasion that they do, it’s important to remain vigilant, informed, and proactive. One issue that BMWs encounter, like many ot... read more

  • Why Is Your Mercedes' Differential Failing?

    Monday 03 December 2018

    Every car with four wheels has a mechanism called the differential. The differential plays an important role in vehicle stabilization and consistency, which is why it can be both disappointing and dangerous to experience differential failure. In a Mercedes, the differential is one component that is known to wear prematurely or experience malfunctioning well before the service interval. Therefore, if you’re... read more

  • Possible Reasons Behind the Faulty Fuel Gauge in Your MINI

    Thursday 01 November 2018

    The MINI brand is historically successful for their ingenuity in compact vehicles; they were the original brand to put fierce and tiny in the same description. Making cars since the 1950s, MINI is undoubtedly one of the most exciting brands on the market. However, even the most well designed and engineered vehicles experience common issues - one such issue is fuel gauge failure. A faulty fuel gauge in a MI... read more

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