• When Does Your BMW Require a VANOS Repair

    Tuesday 09 October 2018

    BMW cars are well-made and designed with the driver’s experience in mind. Furthermore, BMW is a brand that continually listens to their customers by implementing designs that address the faults in their previous models, unlike many other vehicle manufacturers. Unfortunately, earlier BMW models are infamous for problems with variable valve timing, which caused serious performance issues for their drivers. This lead to the introduction of the VANOS system, w... read more

  • Glow Plug Timer Relay Failure in Mercedes Vehicles

    Monday 24 September 2018

    In most road-going vehicles, ignition and combustion processes are what give your car the power it needs in order to move. However, the different parts that aid these processes vary between vehicle designs. In a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, the parts that help generate enough power differ from most vehicles; rather than utilizing spark plugs, they use something called a glow plug. Glow plugs play a crucial role in your Mercedes performance, and... read more

  • When You Should Go for Fuel Pump Replacement for Your Mini

    Wednesday 29 August 2018

    When You Should Go for Fuel Pump Replacement for Your Mini   What your fuel pump does for your MINI and why it’s important We all know the basics of how a car works: the engine needs gas in order to start. This is where the fuel system comes in. The fuel system in any car is complex and contains various parts and components, such as sensors,fuel injectors, and fuel lines, that must... read more

  • Transmission Issues & Symptoms in Your BMW You Should Be Aware Of

    Wednesday 01 August 2018

    The common signs of transmission issues The common warning signs of transmission trouble in BMW vehicles are not all that different from the typical symptoms any other car might express; however, it’s always best to consult with a shop that specializes in BMW cars to be sure that the symptoms you’re experiencing are in fact due to transmission malfunction. Furthermore, whether you drive a... read more

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